I’m sitting in my living room patiently (??) waiting for UPS to deliver a package so I figured I’d write an update for you guys.The package is hopefully going to be either one or both of my hearing aids.  Right now I have loaners that work okay, but not great.  They don’t fit as well as my regular ones and I just don’t hear as well.  You might remember that in my last post I mentioned that one of my hearing aids was sounding muffled and had to be sent away for repairs.  Well, guess what happened the next evening?  My other hearing dropped on the bathroom floor and cracked!!  I was not a happy girl.  :(  It still worked though, and I was able to wear it for the next couple of days until my mom was able to take me back to the audiologist.  Like I said, I was given some loaners which is definitely better than nothing.  The loaners are a behind the ear style which is what I had when I was little.  There is a part that fits inside your ear and it’s connected to a receiver type-thing that rests behind your ear.  There are 4 different levels of loudness, and it gets annoying at times because it seems like the dial gets knocked all the time.  The numbers are pretty small too, which makes the process of making sure it’s on level 3 a little harder. So, that brings me back to the UPS part of my post.  Yesterday afternoon UPS tried to deliver a package but I didn’t know it required a signature.  I didn’t answer the door since I was alone.  They left a note saying that a 2nd delivery attempt was going to be made today between 10:30-2.  I noticed the package was from Mott Hospital, and was trying to figure out what the heck they were sending me that required a signature.  My other medical supplies don’t need this, and I wasn’t expecting anything.  Then I realized maybe it was one of my hearing aids!!!  I really hope so!!

Besides the fact that I can hear better with my regular aids, I have a very important reason to want them to come today.  Tonight is the Demi Lovato concert!!!!!  I am tired right now, but I’m sure once I’m getting ready and heading out to the venue I’ll be super hyper!  I am meeting the 4 other girls out at the venue because they will be coming from school out in Ann Arbor.  It doesn’t make sense time-wise for me to go get them or vice versa.  Hopefully it won’t be too tricky finding them once I get there.  My parents are driving me so I’m sure they will stick around until I’m with the girls.  We might miss some of the opening act (fifth harmony) which is kind of a bummer but oh well.  School comes first. :)  I will make sure to do another update tomorrow or this weekend to share pictures and stuff!

Other than that I’ve been pretty busy working on some project proposals.  I had a meeting with a doctor from the university’s Physical Medicine Rehabilitation department a few weeks ago and have secured two short term contract jobs!  One project will involve creating a Facebook page for a research team surrounding spinal cord injuries.   The other project is helping the doctor create a web page and some outreach materials for a study she’s doing about women with traumatic brain injuries who are going through menopause.  It sounds pretty interesting.  I’m hoping that if these projects go well that it might lead to similar opportunities with other research teams in the department.  We’ll see!

I’m also helping an agency called Community Living Services plan a community participation event.  CLS works with people with disabilities.  The event is geared towards helping attendees find 1) employment 2) volunteer opportunities 3) community connections, like classes or groups to meet and socialize with others.  My focus area is volunteer opportunities so I’ve been contacting local libraries to see if they’d like to have a vendor table.  So far the ones that have gotten back to me seem pretty interested!  I’m excited, I think the event is going to be pretty neat.

As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy lately.  But it’s good- I’d rather have a lot going on instead of nothing at all.  :)


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