So, the last few weeks have been pretty brutal.  I had an “irritated muscle” in my right arm.  :(  I never realized how much I use it!  Driving my chair, opening stuff (meds, microwave meals etc), brushing teeth… everything!  I write with my left hand so I always just thought I was left handed.  Now I’m not so sure… I couldn’t do anything with my right arm being injured.  I pretty much just laid on the couch and rested.  I had to stop pool therapy and needed someone around the house to make sure I was okay.  When I get in pain it’s hard to breathe so I get stressed/anxious which makes me tense which starts the cycle over again.  Not cool.  :(  I had to skip my weekly trivia sessions with Danielle too.  She is so sweet though, she randomly stopped by and brought me a super cute card and 2 presents to make me feel better.  I got a Minion coloring book and the new Taylor Swift cd.  Isn’t that so sweet?!

Speaking of Taylor Swift’s cd– I’m officially obsessed!!  It’s so good.  I wasn’t sure at first.  But, when I first listened to it I was still pretty miserable.  Now that I’m doing better I am hooked. I love each song for different reasons…  Blank Space for the beat, and wanting to give something a try even though it will likely end up in flames.  Shake it Off again for the beat, and now an inside joke with Aaron.  All You Had To Do Was Stay / Bad Blood because of an almost relationship that happened a while ago….  That is a whole other post.  I’ll have to go back and see if I covered that in any previous ones.  If not, I will soon.  :)  Clean / I Wish You Would for the same situation.   New Romantics because it’s all about accepting the heartbreak & knowing it’s okay to be single.  :)   See what I mean?  I love each song lol.

In other news, next Saturday (the 22) is my birthday!!!  Danielle is “stealing me” for a super secret adventure.  I find out on Wednesday at trivia what the surprise is so that we can finalize when she’s coming over, where we are getting food beforehand etc.  It’s going to be epic.

I’ll post pics ASAP.  :)

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