By: Austin


Hello from the other side! (Cue Adele)

I am back from a long break from not blogging and here is my life at the moment!

I am a SENIOR… IN HIGH SCHOOL. Crazy crazy crazy! College is a big thing in my mind and I am trying to get my things all in place for after high school! If anyone is unsure about what you are going to be or what you want to do after high school, don’t worry! Everything will fall into place and stress is just an emotion that worries you for nothing. There is a lot of pressure to figure out your life right after high school but honestly if you keep doing what you love you will find something fit for you.

September 3rd 2015 I had a smile surgery for one side of my face and it was a very good success, but there was a piece of fat underneath the muscle and they didn’t want to take it out and damage the muscle. So last month I had a minor facial surgery where they took the fat out to make my face symmetrical! I’m doing just fine and am surprised how its only been a month because it feels like forever! That’s the scoop! I will be blogging more don’t you worry!


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