Update on UGA

I’ve submitted so many forms over spring break because I’ve had the whole week to work on them, but it’s so early.  I signed up for The Department of Romance Languages acceptance day on March 27th and will be going to The Grad School’s Accepted Students day on the 28th.  What made the acceptance students day interesting/ a pleasant surprise was the fact that I could request accommodations through the registration form online.  I only asked for alternative formats of fliers and other printed materials.  I imagine there will be a walking tour, but I think I can manage that with my white cane.  I’ll see what happens on the 28th!  So I will be missing two days or class and spending the night at Athens. I’ll have to go shopping for some business casual attire. ?

So my TA offer letter somehow got lost in the mail.  My guess is it’s lost somewhere on campus. ?  I emailed a copy to the department (it was acceptance to their offer of course).  I applied to UGA’s graduate housing and I will select an apartment at the end of March.  The only problem I have with on campus housing is that my apartment is located on the other end of campus.  All the graduate housing is located in south campus, which would be approximately a 45 min walk to classes (?).  I might have to be dependant on a shuttle to get from my apartment to Gilbert Hall (building where department of Romance languages is located).  So I might explore off campus housing closer to North Campus.  Don’t get me wrong I heard great things about the shuttle system, but I’m so used to having more than one option to commute to class so I’m a bit hesitant.   I also requested services through UGA’s Disability Resource Center (DRC) and they are in the process of reviewing my application and and documentation.  Usually it’s things like an Individualized Education Plan  (IEP) or accommodation plan for students with disabilities k-12, accommodation letters from college, testing accommodation approvals (in my case ACT and GRE), and doctor’s notes confirming my diagnosis/vision loss (albinism obviously).  It’s a bit scary/funny that I still have all this documentation from high school because it dates back to 2011!  After the review everything I will be assisted to The DRC may also have some sway on housing, but I won’t know until my initial interview!  I let them know I was going to be on campus at the end of March so it sounds like I might get a lot more direction by then!

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