Valentines Day DIY for your favorite wheelchair users

By: Morgan

  1. Friendship bracelet – “I would knot be the same without you”
  2. Sneakers – “been chasing you since Day 1”
  3. Gummy bears – “ being without you is unbearable”
  4. Hot wheels car – “I’ll let you lead the way”
  5. Bee mine – Burt’s Bees chapstick
  6. Empty alcohol – anytime without you is wasted
  7. Love you to pieces – candy minis
  8. You knock my socks off – socks!!!!!!
  9. Doughnut – don’t forget how much I love you
  10. Blow pop – you blow my mind


Some little, some big, some sweet, some sassy for friends, family and your loved ones this valentines day. Different price points. I’m also just a fan of arts and crafts.



Hope you give these a try.

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