By: Grace



I have just started a new job at the Museum Center,  in the History Museum.  I love history and Cincinnati history. This museum is my favorite part of the Center. I am there to make sure that visitors learn about our city, participate in the interactive exhibits and enjoy themselves.  Sometimes I answer questions and sometimes I show parts of the museum they may have missed.  The museum has information about all the neighborhoods of Cincinnati, it shows how the river and transportation like river boas, inclines and street cars really developed our city and more.  It shows all the different things that were made or invented here. The first time I went to the museum was when I was in third grade. Since then I have loved it and always wanted to work here.

I usually work two afternoons a week.  I am learning how to take the Access bus to work so that I can be independent and not rely on my mom driving me everywhere. 

Here are some photos of some of the exhibits and also of me heading to work.

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