Walking and Stress Fractures

By: Byron

The last week has been eventful. Last week I didn’t do that much. On Saturday I went to Boston for the day then came home. On Sunday I walked 16 miles around DC hopefully I don’t get a stress fracture (SF) again. A week ago I walked 7 miles around DC and my foot did not hurt. I’m hoping because I did more than last weekend I don’t get a (SF) because of this. I have come a long way because less than 2 years ago I walked only six miles and got the (SF)

In a few weeks I am going to be helping on the mall with the Walk For Wishes run. Make A Wish puts it on. Because I had a Make A Wish a few years I thought it would be great for me to do it. I hope to get my into out soon I am working on it. That’s it for now.

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