Watching Jessie

By: Grace


While I blog, I am also watching Jessie. If you do not know what Jessie is,   it is a show about a teenage girl who moved from Texas to New York and wants to be a big star. She winds up being a nanny for a famous couple Morgan and Cristina Ross. They have four kids,  Luke, Ravi, Zuri, and Emma.  I think this is a funny show.  My mom hates it. She says they are poor role-models and most people don’t grow up in penthouses in NYC.

Yesterday was a long day for me.  I went to a conference about Myotonic Dystrophy.  It is a form of muscular dystrophy.  Most of it I did not understand.  The best parts were a Teen Group that I got to go to and hanging out with Rick Guidotti.

I met a girl named Rachel in the Teen Group.  She likes Austin & Ally and Girl Meets World like me.  She likes Sabrina Carpenter too.  She lives kinda close to me and I think we will be good friends.  I am happy I met someone who likes what I like.

I love spending time with Rick. He always makes me feel good about myself.  He’s the one who made me know that being different is OK and I should celebrate my difference.

Bye for now.

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