Weekend Trip

It was parents weekend at my older brother’s college and we went to visit him.  He lives in a nice house near the ocean and commutes to the college campus.  It was a much nicer house than the one he was in last year.  The main reason we went was because we had tickets to the Steve Martin and Martin Short show at the college campus.  I really like Steve Martin, he is very funny.  My favorite movie of his is Cheaper by the Dozen.  I also love to shop and really wanted to go to the big mall that we usually go to.   My favorite store there is Newbury Comics.  I also wanted to go to Dave and Busters because I earned a lot of tickets from playing a Dave and Busters game on my iPhone and wanted to cash them in for prizes.  After we picked up my brother we went to the mall and I was able to go to the stores I wanted and got a lot of prizes from Dave and Busters from the tickets I earned.  We all had dinner together and then went to the show.  They were both very funny.  I was really happy that I was able to see my brother, shop and get to see a funny show.

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