What Halloween Was Like for me Growing up

By: Peter

October is almost over and Halloween is just days away. For many people Halloween is a time where they go (or went) trick or treating throughout the neighborhood and sometimes even further and collecting big bags of candy. Some even go to Halloween  parties. For me Halloween was different growing up since I have low vision. 


Growing up I did go trick or treating but it was much more difficult since my mobility is impacted and when it is dark out, it is even harder for me to see. So as a kid I always went trick or treating with one of my parents and my best friend Sam (who also had a disability) and one of his parents. I was lucky enough to have him live only a block away so on Halloween we only really went a few blocks. We only trick or treated a few blocks because of our mobility.  We always had fun costumes. . 


Even though Halloween was harder for me, I have some great memories. One of my favorite Halloween memories is, trick or treating with my friends. Another good memory is after trick or treating, my siblings and I dumped our candy on the floor and exchanged candy.   I also enjoy watching some Halloween movies like the Halloweentown movies and Hocus Pocu. My final memory is always trick or treating at my neighbors and both of my grandparents’ houses. I even remember at first getting chips from my next door neighbor instead of candy because when I was younger I did not like candy. That did not last long; it quickly became my favorite part of Halloween. Now i can’t stop eating candy.  

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