What I Want People to Know About Me

I am a big fan of profanity! No examples needed. I don’t like to be censored as I experienced that in my past life. I love the high life of socializing and going out to bars. I like to wake up late like a movie star. I like to douse myself in cologne before I go out. I am good at cooking breakfast and babysitting my sister’s bulldog. I get $30 every time I babysit. I am good at karaoke and love music. Some of my favorite movies are Titanic, Perfect Storm, and the Parent Trap. I also love the Netflix show Grace & Frankie. 
I care a lot about hair. I like that you can style it in different ways. I wish my sister would chop more of her hair off. I like my hair best when it’s blown dry. I love to see women with chin length Hair.

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