What I’ve Been Up To

By: Byron

What I’ve Been Up To

Hey everyone! it has been a while since I have blogged, partly because I have been busy and partly because the past month and a half I have been going through depression. I have been in a depression basically since I arrived in Tucson, but this blog should be about fun and exciting things so lets talk about what I have been up to.

The past month has flown by. my mom and dad came down to visit me which was nice. My mom came for a few day. While she was here we went to Nogales, AZ which is where the Mexican border is. We saw the wall which is all I feel I hear about at this point. We went to Phoenix to see Trevor Noah (host of Daily Show) preform stand up. It was at that show where I realized why Comedy Central had him fill Jon Stewarts shoes. We also went to Biosphere 2 which is located right outside Tucson and is owned by The University of Arizona.

After my mom left, my dad came to town. He was here for a shorter time, but was still extremely fun. We went Sabino Canyon where there are tons of cactuses and Sentinal Peak or as known in Tucson “A” mountain because it has a large A on it of the university being in Tucson. The main reason though he was in Tucson was that his alma mater Stanford was playing Arizona in football so he came to see the game.

Although football season is fun, basketball season is where it is at in Tucson. The University of Arizona is ranked #10 in the nation for basketball and so the day after my dad left I went to the season opener here in Tucson. We were playing College of Idaho, by halftime the score was 50 (Arizona) -5 (College of Idaho). As you can imagine with a score like that student section was going crazy. Thats it for now.

I have attached some photos and videos of things I’ve done in the past month.









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