What’s it like?

So what is it like to transition as a student with a disability?

Let me walk you through it!  However, it does come with some extra responsibilities like applying for disability services and arranging accommodations for my TAship as well as my studies, orienting myself to the campus and the city of Athens, and finding an apartment that meets my needs (i.e. Walking distance and bus accessible).  I received two letters from UGA Grad School and their Department of Romance Languages and

I am accepting their offer for both the masters and the TA assistantship.  Now I have a whole checklist to complete before I start on August 7th, 2017 on top of what I mentioned above as my own “check list”.  I will have to send the department of Romance Languages their TA letter back letting them know my decision.  I might go to Athens this weekend to check out the campus and look for some apartments.  I can’t commute to and from Athens. Ideally I want to live in a place that is both walking distance and bus accessible to North Campus, which is where I’ll be hanging out most of the day either in Gilbert Hall or the main library.I am also starting to get materials together for their disability resource center.  Good thing I’m going to the eye doctor next Wednesday!  Some time this week I will hear back from the department about their events for newly admitted students in mid-March.  I have already set up my parts of my UGA account and my UGA mail.

More updates to come!

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