What’s New With Me, Part 3

By: Bailey

What’s New With Me, Part 3


After the whirlwind of the national pageant, I had about three weeks to pack up and move!  I finally did it.  I had been talking about moving for almost a decade and knew I just needed to take that step and do it.  So, I moved to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area!  And my roommate?  One of my dance students, Abigail!  She is a senior in high school this year.  She is actually attending the Lincoln Park Performing Arts High School for dance this final year of high school.  When she graduates she plans on pursuing a dance degree from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  If you would have told me two years ago that I would be living with one of my dance students, I would have been surprised.  But it has been so great.  We already know each other and get along really well.  And we got really close this past year before the big move.  I introduced her to the TV show “Friends” and we got through almost all 10 seasons before it went off Netflix!

This was us on New Year’s Eve.  We treated ourselves to dinner at Applebee’s!

I have really enjoyed living near a city.  (Back in my hometown, it would take almost three hours to get to any major city and now I’m only 45 minutes away from Pittsburgh!)  I am teaching music part time at the Rhema Christian School.  I absolutely making music with my students in PreK all the way up to 8th grade.  My Beautiful Feet dance ministry that I had back home, I now have at the school.  My teaching job is only part time, so what am I doing with the other half of my time?  Random side jobs!  Going back home to play piano for two church services on occasion, teaching dance to a couple of my Rhema students, and I even subbed twice at the Abby Lee Dance Studio (yes, of Dance Moms fame!  Sarah Georgiana was in my classes.)  I also had the opportunity to be an extra in a Netflix film!  It is called “Sweet Girl” and will probably be out later this year.  That was such a cool experience to get a chance to see behind the scenes of what filming is really like.  It is exhausting!  You might spend 12 hours on a five minutes scene, all to get it just right and to get the right angles  The star of the movie?  Jason Momoa!  He literally was about six feet away from me!  He is a very laidback guy.  I loved watching him and the other actors on set.  He also had his dog with him.  Lastly, I found an incredible church family at Northway Christian Community and joined the worship team where I play keys!

Worship Team at Northway Christian Community (I’m at the keyboard on the right)

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