While I Lie in Bed

By: Rachel

While I Lie in Bed

What do I do while I’m lying in bed?

Everyday I lie in bed for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. I feel much better after I’ve done some activity to lie flat instead of even sitting.

So, what do I do during that time?

Sometimes I need to sleep, but not always. I like to do correspondence from my phone, so I’ll send texts and emails and messages. I get my grocery orders ready while I lie on my back. Sometimes I flop down by a fur baby and cuddle. Other times I scroll for a while.

At first I thought I was wasting time by scrolling. And then I posted the question to a group I’m in for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and they do lots of different things, which was helpful to me.

I realized I can only do what I can do. If sometimes I can only scroll, that’s okay. If sometimes I can write my blog, that’s okay.

I’m changing my views on what is productive, what is meaningful, and what is important. I used to try to do everything. And I have a lot of friends who still try to do everything. And I just want to say to you–it’s okay to rest.

In fact, you need it. If not today, someday. But right now you can stop putting your worth in how much you get done and what kind of job you have and how your house looks and if you even have a house yet. You’re worth taking care of.

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