Whirlwind Life

By: Bailey

Sometimes I wonder how I do it all.  Since my last blog from my pageant, I have been busy and having some life changes.

First, I got promoted at my job!  I am now the store manager of the CVS store where I work.  It is something that my district manager has tried talking me into for a couple years, but I wasn’t really that interested in having to relocate just to work at a CVS.  However, at the end of August my manager was offered a brand new store in another area.  He took the opportunity which left our store needing a manager and I thought, “why not?!”  haha  The job itself hasn’t felt too different.  I’ve just been putting in a lot more hours.  My favorite part?  I get to dress up every day!  It is still kind of crazy to think that I am now the manager of my own store!  Hard to believe that I used to be a shy, insecure little girl…look how far I have come in my life!

Second, the new dance season has started.  We always have the summer off but as soon as September hits we are back in the swing of things.  I am teaching pointe this year.  I am such a ballerina at heart.  I love the beauty and elegance of that particular art form.  And it is so rewarding to be teaching a class that little dancers dream of taking when they’re older.  I also am taking ballet and contemporary just to polish up my technique and ability.  I don’t know what I would do without dance.  It has become such a huge part of my life.  I’ve been dancing for 16 years now.

Lastly, my dance ministry is diving into its fall season.  We have four new girls joining us which is so exciting!  Especially since they are all younger, so when we lose our seniors we have a group coming up.

Sorry, I have been off the radar for a few weeks but I am back.  Looking forward to keeping y’all up to date on my life.

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