Why My Nickname is Mouse?

Why My Nickname is Mouse?

Favorite Places

My favorite places to get green tea in New York are Starbucks Coffee and Beth’s cafe in Long Island and Pabada near my office. I like these places because the tea is so damn good. It depends on the weather if I get it iced or hot. My favorite nail salon is Salon Eva in New York because they are so attentive and good with their customers. I like to get red on my nails because it reminds me of Meredeth Blake from Parent Trap.


My nickname is mouse because I eat a lot of cheese. I guess you could say that the name sprouted from Cape Cod when I lived there where I was the one getting a lot of cheese in the house I lived in with others. Then I came back to New York where I was considered as the pet mouse in the family. My favorite cheeses are feta, goat, and cheddar. My sister says “where’s my mouse” and I go eek. Thanks everyone.

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