why I dislike trump and other reasons why I dont like him

By: Zach

Let’s start off by saying that we as Americans have learned more about Trump’s mastermind criminal behavior than before. In the sense being from the way I see it is that from the 223k he has self righteously killed due to the virus to the interruptions of the peaceful riots just to get to a church for a photoshoot. nevermind him not being able to run the country right he can’t even hold a bible rightside up. And that’s not even half of it next thing I wanna mention he’s horrific behaviour at the debate stage. I wanna start off by saying this is how much of a jerk he really is; they didn’t know he tested positive for the virus and the reason why he told his team to be silent on that topic just so that he could attempt to get vice president Biden sick. And now rolling the camera forward a few scenes now on to the debate hour one thing i just wanna say unlike biden who can stay on topic but Trump on the other hand can’t stay on topic for his life depended on it. and also calling out the vp on things he has never done and calling his son names and saying rude things to him that were uncalled for. Oh don’t get me started on his supporters they think he’s a godsend to society when in reality he’s a joke to the world. And he thinks it ok to have young children locked in cages on the border away from their parents well guess what it is not ok. What I call Trump is  the 21 century natzi and on top of all that he is blaming the democrats for his faults. When you go to the polls and cast your ballots, pick wisely. Can us Americans take another four years of his and his teams lies and promises that they can’t keep. like I said in my previous blog make sure you do your research and choose wisely. Let nobody tell you who to vote for. We are america we have rights to our decisions in life. Let me wrap it up by saying  voting for a president is a big one. America is one nation and Trump has shattered the american constitutional right and I’m gonna end it there.

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