Why I still feel like a minority in the media.

By: Morgan

Even though society is doing better with disability in the media, they have started with men. With the Netflix series “Special” by way does highlight CP, relationships with our parents and dating but the basis of the show was that he lied about having CP, covering the episodes with getting hit by a car, which really upset me because then your still masking your insecurities at work, with friends, because he was still trying to be something he’s not. As well as another dating inter disability and showing his bias with that too.

Notice I said he… same with the past movies like Me before you, by Jojo Moyes, turned into a biopic, with sam calfin – male-dominated disability – who is able-bodied playing the role none the less.

Bryan Cranston in The upside again he’s abled bodied. Yet again, there are male disabled actors with a real diagnosis that should play these roles. Guess what – its really and truly their love stories and actual real bonds with their caregivers. I know first hand.

When is a series going to show a female-dominated book series and movie in a wheelchair?

Why can’t they show a Woman who really is a wheelchair user in a movie. In a relationship, with a job and a home and a life. Many, disabled women want to be thought of as muses, captivating, knowledgable and more. The culture has somehow made room for men to have a seat at the table- their own seat :) but what about a female dominatrix with a disability.

Someone out there reading this –  have a director call me. As a disclaimer: I am fully aware of my privilege of being able to get out of my chair, the confidence to date, get heartbroken and get back up again. I’m single and okay with it.

I want to continue to spearhead change because I want younger wheelchair bound girls to know what’s out there. That they won’t just see movies and tv about disabled men. That there are women out there living their lives with jobs, homes, families, and spouses.


Hops off of soapbox –

See you next week :)

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