Why it’s special to get ready for Christmas when you have Albinism and Borderline

By: Rachel

Why it’s special to get ready for Christmas when you have Albinism and Borderline

I’m looking forward to Christmas– it has such a deep meaning. First of all, it celebrates Jesus becoming a little blastocyst inside of Mary, and then being born– the God of the universe completely dependent on His mother’s milk. And we can celebrate Easter at the same time because Jesus did all this to grow up and die on the cross and come back to life so that people who believe that can have their sins forgiven and have a relationship with God.

The other deep meaning Christmas has for me is…. PRESENTS!!!!!!

That may not seem very deep. But since I value relationships so much, which is a POSITIVE thing about Borderline, the gifts that people give me show me so much love that I can actually tangebly feel and touch. I get presents together for lots of friends to show them I love them. Maybe I don’t always say things right, and maybe I make a lot of social mistakes, but people usually like getting gifts, so I don’t mess up too much with that! 

Having Albinism around Christmas time makes me appreciate the cloudy days because the sun really hurts my eyes. 

Hehe. But I love the colors and the lights around Christmas time, and honestly I have color and lights around my room all year long, and I think the high contrast is what I like so much. It’s easier to tell one thing from another if it has contrast. Sometimes the lights give a glare that makes it hard for me to see when it’s dark, but usually they give a nice warm glow, and the warmth of the lights is easier on my eyes than ceiling lights. I rarely use ceiling lights ever. 

So there’s some cool things about BPD and OCA and how you can brighten people’s Christmas experience

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