Willy Wonka Junior

Today, I have my first dress rehearsal for Willy Wonka Junior.  We will have some of the set, we’ll use all the lighting, all of the sounds, and of course the costumes, maybe the makeup, and hopefully the hair.

My first costume is a jumper with a white blouse underneath, my second a white blouse and a plaid skirt.  My third costume (and my last) is a light purple dress, to be precise a light lavender, with big white polka dots.

I really hope that the nut chute is ready, since Zara and I have to go down it, I want to make sure we can do it right.  Zara and I knew each other last year during Aladdin Junior but we didn’t become best friends, not even friends, then. We became friends during rehearsals for Oliver! because of Annie.

I play my best friend’s mother.  I just can’t get over that.  My daughter is pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat and I’m blamed for it.

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