Winter to Summer 2023

Winter to Summer 2023

In 2023 things were probably one of worst years for me but there have been some good things too.

During winter break right before school my friend Naiasia found out she was pregnant and she was to scared to tell her parents.  I told her to tell them and they were happy.

On January 27, College started back up. Got to see all my friends. I got to help a new student named Tess since she was in all my classes.

2 weeks later in gym I got hit by a ball and I knew it was going to happen. So they stopped playing that game while I sat for the rest of the class.  Luckily one of my friends Isaiah made sure I was okay.

The person who hit me with the ball did say he was sorry.  Also he wouldn’t leave me and my friends alone but I did finally forgive.

Also I wanted say Hi to a girl who was new too and we had the same break time. I tried to go see her during break but she was not there.   I’m went a little early to said Hi to her since she looked so lonely.  Her name is Kayla. Kayla made lots of new friends since I knew some people there. We formed a friends group with everyone.

Kayla invited us over to her house to hang out during spring. Kayla also invited us to her birthday party.

Kayla got to come my birthday tea party.

College ended on May 17 but we did get some good pictures of all us together.

In July, I want to my friend Naiasia’s baby shower and got to see some other friends like Rebecca, Kayla, Greg, Will, Terrance. That was so much fun.




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