Wisdom Teeth

By: Byron

The last few days have been terrible. On Friday I had all four wisdom teeth taken out and I think I underestimated everything that would happen after. The first day I was completely out of it and slept most of the time. The swelling in my face became really bad and the area where the teeth were extracted hurt. Today was my first day back at school and it looks like as my history teacher said today I was in a cage fight. T his is because both of my eyes are Black and blue, my face is still swollen, and my face is yellow. These are good signs that my face is healing but it looks really bad. In the next few days the swelling is supposed to go down, but in the meantime I look like I was beaten.

I’m excited for spring break, which is coming up in a few weeks. This is because we are flying out to Tucson, Arizona to see the University of Arizona. I was accepted into the University a few weeks ago and given that I was accepted I want to see the university. I feel it’s the right fit for me in a way. That is because it’s a large university with a raw raw environment but I was also accepted into a learning center, which is small so I have a large campus environment around me but I have a small environment of people that I will know within.

In the next few weeks I am going to New York City for 15 days to go to the Positive Exposure Gala. I’m excited to go to it as I’ve gone to all of the ones in the past. That’s it for now.

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