Good morning!  Right now I am on my way into work (dad is driving- don’t text & drive!!). I was in clinic all day yesterday and am heading back today. Normally, I only work in the office on Thursdays but I actually have meetings this afternoon at the same building so to make things easier I’m going in now.  This morning my goals are to organize a bunch of folders.  I think I am just a little too excited about this.  I care way too much about making things pretty… I have been stressing about how to color code my folders haha. Oh well. I think it will be okay.

Then this afternoon I have those meetings.  They shouldn’t be too bad.  The first one involves training some people on how to utilize different features of Twitter and Pinterest.  Isn’t that sweet?!  The second meeting is about another potential project.  It’s exciting but I feel like I have way too much going on– I really need to be studying for my licensure exam. :(

I may be going to the movies this weekend to see “Let’s Be Cops”.  I’ll make sure to do another update afterwards to fill you in on my weekend adventures. :)

Hope you have a great day!!

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