Year Racing By

Year Racing By
I can’t believe I have until May 9th to finish classes and take my finals.  I start my physics 1 and 2 classes May 20th!  I just got my Fall 2013 Semester schedule.  I have LO this weekend so I’m not expecting to get anything done.

Fall Semester 2013:
Chem 141: Intro to inorganic chem 1 w/ lab
PE 105: Indoor cycling
Psyc 100: Intro to Psychology
Anth 201: Biological Anthropology w/ Lab
Pols 101Q: Intro to Political Science
Year Racing By 1 04.03.13
Summer Schedule:
Phys 141/142″ Physics 1 and 2 w/ lab
PE 130: Aerobics
Year Racing By 2 04.03.13

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