By: Amy

In 2018, I made a goal to be heard more. I think it’s important to use your voice so people know your point of view on things. It’s also important to speak out so people who haven’t found their voice yet can get courage. As someone with a rare disease, it was hard for me to find my voice. But when I spoke up, I learned that people wanted to hear what I had to say. I also learned from others who were speaking out, and I didn’t feel alone anymore. I hope in 2019, I can encourage more people to use their voices, too!



My blog is a place where

I can share my voice.

If you read it

You will have a choice:

To understand

What I have to say

Instead of just

Turning away

You’ll find out

How I really look

In place of pictures

In a medical book.

My words are strong

My words are true

If you listen

It might change you.

I am not just

A rare disease

Won’t you get to

Know me please?

Read my blog

And in exchange,

Change how you see!

See how you change!

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