By: Amy





On the Fourth of July, I got a to be in a parade! It wasn’t exactly a float. It was more like a truck with a trailer. In the back, on the trailer, was a outrigger surf canoe with people rowing in it. On top of the truck was an adaptive surfboard, and in the chair on the surfboard was…ME!

I got to ride with my friend and surf instructor, Rocky McKinnon. I had to wear a full body suit, gloves, a hat, and uv-blocking glasses – and lots and lots of sunscreen. But, I didn’t get any burn at all, so that was good! Rocky gave me a really pretty lei to wear, too. On the truck were big banners showing adaptive surfing, and I was in one of the pictures!

Rocky wanted to show people that everyone can enjoy the ocean waves. I don’t usually ride in the chair when I surf. I usually stand with Rocky on a regular board. But since the chair was on top of the truck, it was safer for me to be in it than to be standing. Rocky stood, though! It was really fun to do shakas (that’s waving a fist with your thumb and pinkie finger out) to the crowd. The parade went on and on – it was so long! So many people were pointing and taking pictures of us. It was like being famous!

How did you celebrate Independence Day?

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