A Friend Like Me

By: Amy

Imagine being the only person you know who is like you. It can be kind of lonely! Last year, for the first time, I met someone who also has XP/TTD. Her name is Tara. She lives all the way across the country! It was comforting to meet someone like me. She has gone through some of the same appointments and tests that I have done. She understands what I’m going through and what it’s like to have XP/TTD. But, mostly I just like hanging out with her. When we are together it’s like we are the same person! We are so much like each other. We’re both kind of goofy, we like to read, and we like Broadway musicals. She taught me about how to do latch hook, which is kind of like making stuff out of string. When we talk to each other it’s like we have known each other for a long time! I am glad I got to meet Tara.

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