A Series of Unfortunate Events

By: Amy

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Have you ever read or seen “A Series of Unfortunate Events?” I’ve read three of the books, and watched both the movie and the show on Netflix. I think it’s interesting because it’s all about how these three kids are trying to get out of different situations, and how they come up with different inventions to help themselves.

This week, I got to go to a book signing, where I met the author, Lemony Snicket. His whole presentation was kind of funny because he pretended he wasn’t himself. He acted like he was scared of the kids who were there. He showed us some pictures, but it would show only be the back of his head in the pictures. He talked a lot about observation, and how you use it to notice things.

When he signed my book, he asked me, “Who is that bossy man taking a picture of you?” It was my dad. It was pretty funny. 

What are your favorite books, and what have you observed from reading them?

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