A Typical Work Day

A Typical Work Day

My Everyday “Typical” Work Life

I love the industry I work in but it can be very demanding and unpredictable at times. The entertainment industry has its pros and cons but it’s something I am passionate about and love to be a part of.

I currently work by the Flatiron Building in Manhattan for a small television production company and I handle research, development, and casting on new shows we want to pitch to TV networks. I also just got offered a consulting job working with a children’s hospital and they are having me co-produce their benefit concert in the fall. On top of both of those I will most likely return to working for the Princeton Football team as their game-day instant replay coordinator for all of their home games. Yes some people may think this is an overload and they may be right but it is what I love about this industry.

My typical day consists of thinking of cool TV show ideas or working on show ideas that my company already thought of. I spend my work day on the computer or taking meetings with TV networks for the work I do. It is a “cool” job but again has its perks and its pitfalls.

I also need to keep in mind my Marfan Syndrome at all times. It is NOT something I let run my life and it is something I deal with and take care of in order to live my life to the fullest. As you can see in my picture I am 24 years old and carry around a pillbox, laugh if you must because I know I laugh when I take it out in public. It’s just one of those things that I need a daily reminder for myself. I also carry with me my Marfan Emergency Card and I wear my Medical ID bracelet everyday (that’s if I remember to :)

I am a firm believer that you can do anything you put your mind to, and regardless if you have a rare disease or not that motto I firmly believe can be true for anyone who wants it to be true. I don’t let my Marfan Syndrome run my life it is a part of who I am it doesn’t define what I do and all that I am.

Typical Work Day

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