A very busy November!

By: Amy

A very busy November!

I had a very busy November!

First, I went to Wichita, Kansas, for the XP Family Conference. It was very cold! It even snowed the first day! I did lots of fun activities: go-carting (not really smart since I ended up getting whiplash!), an arcade, visited a zoo at night (I fed a rhino!), went to a salt mine, toured Wichita State, and visited the Kansas Comic Con. I hung out with Katie from Kansas City. She likes football, like me! I also hung with Collin. He taught me how to play chess with an app. My friend Shira was also there, and she talked to everyone about how to become an advocate.

The best part was that Rick was there, too! He took lots of pictures (of course!) and he talked to everyone at the conference about Positive Exposure. He is very fun and he makes you feel good in front of the camera.

After Wichita, I flew home for two days, and then headed off to Atlanta, Georgia, where my genetic counselor was getting an award. My family nominated her for all the help she gave us.

While I was in Atlanta, I got to do some fun things, too. I went to the World of Coca Cola, where I saw the polar bear. I also tasted Coke products from around the world. FYI – I wouldn’t recommend the Italian flavor for someone who likes sweet things. It was very bitter! I would recommend either the drink from Madagascar or Greece.

I also went to the Georgia Aquarium. While I went on a seal encounter. I fed the seal jello, and got to pet it and do tricks with it. I learned that the fur on their bellies is white speckled with black but on the back is dark fur. The white belly is for camouflage, because it looks like ripples on the water to a predator.


I had fun traveling around, but it was fun to come home, too! I missed my dog (and my dad, and my sister, too!)


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