By: Amy


This week I went to volunteer at a beach event for Best Day Foundation. I am one of the Ambassadors! Best Day is a foundation where youth with disabilities and illnesses can do adventure activities. In California, we surf, boogie board, play on the beach, and sometimes kayak or paddle board. I love surfing! I have to wear a lot of covering and sunscreen, though. I also have a special tent that blocks UV rays. But, I still do it!

When I volunteer I like to help with snacks and collecting donations. This time, I got to sell sunglasses. I also like to talk to the kids and make them feel better about surfing. Some of them are nervous. I tell them that I’ve done it and it’s really fun! I love when they come back and tell me they did it and it was great!

Here is a picture of me volunteering, and also one of me surfing!

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