Botox injections!

By: Freya

Home now after a long morning at Bräcke Göteborg.
Freya has had her botox injections in her leg muscles to calm down her leg spasms today,,, she needs this every 4 to 5 months.
Freya as always was awesome and a very very brave little soldier, she makes us so proud and we’re soo glad to be her parents all though we’re tired and miserable .
Here’s a short film of her Botox injection process so you get see what our (we) little Superhero has to go through.
They put a needle in to the muscle and press the machine until it vibrates (to make sure it’s in the muscle with the most tension), it’s also earthed because it’s electric and they then inject the Botox in. They do this 4 times on each leg. We tried laughing gas instead of sleepy drugs, which worked great.
Freya is now over 21kg’s(46.3lb)in weight and is 121cm’s(3ft 11in)long ❤️ ❤️.
Enjoy the film and have a great day guys xx

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