Brain and Body

By: Amy

Brain and Body

One thing about XP/TTD is that it affects my brain and my body and my eyes. Sometimes it is hard to balance. And I’m also pigeon-toed! This is because XP/TTD causes problems with your hips.

I like going to physical therapy because it is fun and it helps a lot. It helps my muscles get stronger. I sometimes do running on a machine that is like a big half-bubble that covers my body from my waist down. It fills with air and takes some of the weight off my legs so they don’t get tired as fast.

The best part of PT is that my therapist, Dustin, and the aides are fun to hang out with. I like to talk with them. We talk about movies a lot, and places that I’ve been to or things I’ve done that week or previous weeks. At Halloween we dress up, and usually me and Dustin do a pair costume. We also make goals of what I’m going to do next like surfing, running a race, or paddle-boarding.

Physical therapy makes me feel strong and healthy, like an athlete – not sick like a patient.

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