By: Amy

On Halloween, I went to see my dermatologist. She specializes in diseases that affect the skin like XP/TTD. Everyone in the office was dressed up! My doctor dressed as a rock star. It was pretty funny because she had pink highlights in her hair. I was dressed as a scientist emoji.

I have to get my skin checked every six months just to make sure nothing new popped up. The doctor checks every bit of my skin – even on my scalp under my hair! You would think it would take a long time, but it’s really fast. If the doctor finds any kind of spot she wants to watch, she takes a picture so she compare it the next time. She also prescribes lotions for dry skin and sunscreen.

She talks to me about how I’m doing, and how to protect my skin. I like the way she talks to me because she cares about how I’m dealing with my disease. I don’t like it when doctors talk like I’m not there or who don’t ask my opinion. Dr. Cunningham is not like that. She’s more like a friend who wants to hear my opinion, she wants to know what’s going on in my life, and she wants me to help me learn how to manage my XP/TTD.

p.s. I got a good report! No skin cancers!

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