Corona Virus rules

By: Freya

Corona Virus rules


My name is Freya and I don’t have a voice so my Daddy is being the voice for me to try and make you guys understand why it’s important to listen to the government at this terrible time.

There are rules to be obeyed but I don’t understand rules but I have my Mummy and Daddy who know them.

Rules are Washing hands regularly for 20 seconds or more, keeping a 2 meters distance from each other and staying indoors/garden.

I do not know how to wash my hands or even clean myself, I have my Mummy that does this for me. I love to drink water and I also love to play in the pool at short stay, which is 35° warm to help relax my spasms due to my Cerebral Palsy. I don’t see water as danger that’s why I have a helper with me to keep my head above the water.

What’s 2 meters? I’m in a wheel chair all day and get left where the person who’s pushing leaves me, it’s down to you to keep 2 meters from me as I don’t have a voice to say “move back”!!

I love close contact as I can only see about a meter ahead of me, the reason I love to be close is because I was born 8 and a 1/2 weeks early. I still need that from Mummy and Daddy today , it keeps me calm and safe.

Everything (and I mean everything) I touch goes via my mouth , it’s very important that you sanitise because bitting is what I do best. If I get that virus it will probably kill me.

I’m in the risk bracket and it’s people like me who need YOU to listen to what’s being said and stay home , stay away and stay safe.

Let’s do this together and the quicker this is over the quicker I can have hugs from my Nanny and my family xxxxx

Take care

Love from Freya Sunshine ❤️

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