By: Amy


I had magical vacation! I went to Disney World! In Epcot, I went to the different world pavilions. I went to Norway, which is kind of like visiting the movie Frozen. In Japan, they had a lot of Pokemon stuff. In Italy there was good food, like pizza. You can also meet a lot of characters in Epcot. I liked meeting Joy and Sadness from the movie Inside Out. They liked how I was dressed.

I also went to Animal Kingdom. I liked that park the best. There was a whole new land of Pandora. It is like being in the Avatar movie. At the Magic Kingdom, I got to eat at the Beast’s Castle. I tried the gray stuff…and it WAS delicious! Hollywood Studios was cool because Captain Phasma from Star Wars came marching down the street with Storm Troopers. They stopped right in front of me and inspected my outfit – I was dressed like BB8. I said I was not the droid they were looking for. I also meet Groot and Star-Lord there. Star-Lord is very cute.

My favorite thing at Disney World was taking a Pirate cruise to see the fireworks from the water. First, we saw Smee and Captain Hook. I teased them because I was dressed like Peter Pan – my favorite character. After the cruise, Peter Pan met our tour group! I gave him a thimble, which isn’t a real kiss! And he let me give him a hug!

Disney has always been a part of my life, and I want to go to all the parks some day! Going to Disney World was a dream come true!

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