Hamilton: Not throwing away my shot!

By: Amy

Hamilton: Not throwing away my shot!

Not Throwing Away My Shot!

Do like Broadway musicals? I do! Last week, I got to go see Hamilton, An American Musical. It’s about American history around the time of the Revolutionary War. My favorite character is King George. Maybe it’s because his songs are the first ones I memorized when I listened to the music. He is very over the top funny, like when he says America gaining independence is “Awesome…wow…” really sarcastically. He skips around dancing, and everyone laughs.

I think the writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, told a story that is usually hard to understand in history class in a way that people can understand. He used a lot of different types of music like rap, pop, hip hop, and even jazz. There’s not really much speaking, the whole story is told in songs. It’s a lot more fun that way!

I like the idea of “I’m not throwing away my shot!” Hamilton says it over and over in the musical. I think it means I’m not giving up yet. I like that because that’s like what I do – I am not going to give up on living my life, having fun even with this disease, and telling my story!

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