Inclusion Art

By: Amy

Inclusion Art

Guess what?! Positive Exposure is going to have an art installation that celebrates light, love, unity and inclusion. There will be luminarias, which are colorful bags with lights inside. This is the art I made for my iluminaria. It is the word inclusion. All of the letters except the letters u and s in the middle of the word are blue. On these letters I drew things that represent different types of disabilities. For instance, there is a walker, dark glasses, a cane, crutches, a wheelchair and a hearing aid. The drawing on the first letter is a person that is a gray stick figure. I drew this to represent disabilities you can’t see.

The letters u and s in the middle are bright orange. I made them this way because right in the middle of inclusion is US! As the words below say, inclusion means all of us! For me inclusion means the feeling that you’re finally being noticed. You’re not being overlooked anymore. You are right in the center of things with everyone together.

I hope you like my digital art!

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