International Women’s Day

By: Amy

It’s International Women’s Day. There are so many women to look up to! First, there are superheroes like Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, and Black Widow. They are strong and powerful. They do a lot of things that help the world. I am glad that the Marvel, DC and Star Wars worlds recognize that women can be superheroes too.

There are also a lot of real women I think are superheroes. Michelle Obama and Katie Porter show me that it’s important to work on being heard so you can shape the world. Ashley Eckstein shows me that there are many different ways to be strong – and look good at the same time! Jodi Whittaker proved that the world was ready for a female Doctor Who, and she was worth waiting for. The writer Cornelia Funke taught me how good writing can let someone see a character in your head. My doctors (most of whom are women!) keep me healthy and happy. The women in my family let me know that I’m doing great just being me. And, my friends and I support each other to keep going.

These are just a few of the women who inspire me. I hope that these women are inspiring to you, too!

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