Labor Day Weekend, Lets Hope Winter Never Comes

Labor Day Weekend, Lets Hope Winter Never Comes

I love summer. I love the beach. I love the sun. And I HATE the
winter. There are many reason why I hate the winter. One of the main
reason is I am ALWAYS cold and I have Raynauds Syndrome. It is where I
have pool blood flow in my fingers and toes in the cold weather and it
is awful!

So the last weekend of “summer” is always a bummer for me. This Labor
Day weekend my friends from high school and my family went up to the
Poconos. I have been going up to the Poconos in Pennsylvania since I
was born. My family had a condo and then a house up there until I was
13 years old. And now my family is looking to build or buy a new house
up there for our immediate family and friends to enjoy.

If you have never been, I highly recommend it. The Poconos is a great
place to have fun. You can enjoy it in the summer with pools and the
lake, but also in the winter with numerous mountain activities.

When do I get to go back???


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