Like One Beer Can

By: Amy

Like One Beer Can

This past Thursday, I got to go to the Brad Paisley “Weekend Warrior Tour” Concert. I got to go because he and his wife, Kimberly, are great supporters of the XP Family Support Group. I went with my friend Riley, who also has XP (but not TTD as well, like I do), her sister, Kate, their mom and dad, and my mom. Our seats were really, really awesome! We were so close to the stage!

My mom got us all tour t-shirts, and we put those on. I took my favorite jacket and my sun protection shirt off and put them down on the seat so I could show off my new concert shirt instead. The opening acts were Chase Bryant, Lindsay Ell, and Dustin Lynch. They were really good, and sang a lot of songs I could sing along with. They got the crowd all warmed up. Then Brad Paisley came on! He was awesome! I love to sing along, dance in the aisles, and play my air guitar when he is singing. I cheered so long and so loud, I was losing my voice by the end!

One song he sings is really funny, it’s called “One Beer Can,” and it’s about a kid who has a party when his parents are out of town. He cleans up, but leaves behind one beer can, and his parents find it and freak out, so it ruins his whole summer. The chorus goes, “Nothing can ruin your whole summer like one beer can.” He should not have been having a party in the first place! The song is really funny and there is a video that plays while Brad is singing, and the video shows everything happening during the party when it all went wrong.

That song had new meaning for me at the concert because someone behind us spilled their whole beer on my favorite jacket! It got all over my sun protection shirt, my mom’s purse and her shirt, too. It was a sticky mess! But, it definitely didn’t ruin MY whole summer…OR my whole concert! Brad Paisley was so great that nothing could ruin my night! If you ever get a chance to see Brad Paisley in concert, expect to laugh, sing, and have a lot of fun – definitely go see it!

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