By: Amy


I had a birthday on May 1st, and my family gave me a big surprise! I opened a note and read it. It said that I would be going to Disney World – tomorrow! I was shocked! And, I was still in shock the next day when we got on an airplane to Orlando.

There were more surprises when we got there. We had a special teppan meal at the Japan Pavilion in Epcot on my birthday. That night, my family told me we were going to have cake and ice cream. But, when we got to the place, it was actually a surprise party! It was so cool to see my Florida friends all there to celebrate with me.

The next day, there was another big surprise – we went to Universal Studios Orlando to see all of the Harry Potter world. I had never been there before. I really liked the dragon and the ride at Gringott’s Bank. I also got a wand that I liked.

Guess what? There were even MORE surprises on the third day! I got to build a droid. It has a clear and orange R2 top, and a blue body. I named it A2T2. My friend also arranged for me to have a private VIP tour guide for the day. That was exciting because I never got to do that before. I got to go on every ride I wanted! We ended the day at Club 33, where it was fun to sit in the cool air and visit with each other.

The last day, we were so tired and happy we just decided to relax. I loved spending time with my family and my friends. It was a very magical birthday.

My family at Epcot in front of the Japan pavilion. (Four people, 3 women and 1 man with smiling faces and hands extended standing in front of a red frame structure)

A special surprise party! (A group of 10 adults and 2 small children smile for the camera. The young woman in the center is standing behind a large red, white, and blue birthday cake)

Me at Universal Studios Orlando (A smiling woman with shoulder-length brown hair that has blue at the tips is wearing a wizard’s robe and has pink glasses on her head. Behind her is a large building with a stone dragon on top)

A2T2 droid (A small droid in the style of R2D2 from the Star Wars movies. It has an orange head, blue body, and white legs)

A VIP day at Magic Kingdom. (A group of 6 smiling adults stand behind a crouching man in plaid. Two small children are in a stroller to the right.



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