My Grandma

By: Amy


It has been a sad week for my family. Saturday was a very sad day because my Grandma passed away. I am glad I got to go see her and say goodbye to her before she died.

Here some things that made my Grandma great!

  • She enjoyed rock hunting with me. Her yard is full of sandstone, and she appreciated the colors and shapes as much as I do.
  • I liked doing crosswords with her. I like challenging my brain a lot, and so did she.
  • We went on a lot of walks when I was growing up. Usually during the walk there were some little exercises or activities we would do. She liked keeping her body healthy, and I do too.
  • When I was little, we spent every Christmas at her house. I got my first scooter there!
  • We liked going to my grandparent’s cabin in the mountains. When I was up there it was always peaceful and calm, and I could think of what to draw next. I liked to draw nature things like birds. I was still learning to draw then.
  • We did a lot of travelling together. We went to places like DisneyWorld, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, and the Grand Canyon. I have special memories of all these trips.

My grandma was not like a stereotypical grandma you see on TV. She liked to have fun! She liked adventures. And she was funny. She loved me a lot. And, I loved her too. I will miss her.

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