By: Amy

I like to listen to songs to pump me up, calm me down, help me cry, and just express how I feel. Some of the best songs are Disney songs! Be A Man from Mulan and Go the Distance from Hercules can help me get through a workout. Bare Necessities from Jungle Book and Hakuna Matata Lion King are good to power through a long day. When I’m feeling small, I like to listen to listen to Out There from Hunchback of Notre Dame or Stand Out from the Goofy Movie. And, sometimes I feel like I just want to sing a powerful villain melody like Be Prepared from Lion King, or Shiny from Moana. They help me to vent anger out. Music is good for mental health because it can help you cope with your feelings, and express them when you might not have the words yourself. What songs help you express yourself?

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