By: Amy


Yesterday was my sister’s birthday, so I thought I would tell you about her.

Alyssa works at Freeform Television. I don’t really know what she does, though. She likes going to movies and playing video games with me. Usually, I’m the one that guides her through the game if it’s a one player game like Kingdom of Hearts. It’s more fun to play that way because I like to look up stuff to figure out what to do when she gets different skills in the game. She helps me too, when I am playing a really hard game.

My sister is fun. She is always happy. I miss hanging out with her now that she doesn’t live at home any more. She always has interesting information to tell me. It’s especially cool that she works for the Disney company, because she’s always on top of what new things are happening like movie releases and stuff like that. She also takes me to special events, like the Christmas party on the Disney Studios lot.

Alyssa is a good sister because she always supports me. She is there for me, and she even went to the NIH with me the first time. I was glad she was there because it made me feel like I didn’t have to do it all by myself.

My sister is awesome!

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