By: Amy

My nickname is TitaniumAmy. I wanted a nickname that resembles me and things I like to read about. For example, I like Full Metal Alchemist, which is about a guy who has a metal leg and arm. He is short (like me), and he cares about people (also like me). I also like superhero things, and I think that TitaniumAmy is a cool name for a sidekick to some superhero out there. One main reason I got this nickname is because I have a titanium rod in my femur. This happened because my leg broke, and I was just hopping! With XP/TTD your bones can be very hard, which can make them break easier because they don’t handle stress well. Titanium is a metal element that is actually the strongest element. Titanium is like me because I am strong. I think I can do anything. When I am scared, I just remind myself that I’ve done brave things before and I go for it. TitaniumAmy is my superhero name!

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