By: Amy


October 3, 2019 was the most exciting day ever because Positive Exposure 109 officially opened! There were 3 days of events, and I got to go to New York for the whole thing!

Here are some of the highlights of my trip:

I got yelled at by a New York hot dog guy who was trying to charge too much for a single hot dog.

I shopped at the biggest Macy’s in the world! I also got to walk across Herald Square, where the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade performances are. My sister has performed there!

I went to the Plaza Hotel and found the painting of Eloise. It was very fancy. And, when I walked out, a man was proposing to his girlfriend (she said yes!).

I went to Dylan’s Candy Bar and got to try bacon chocolate.

I got to try a new ice cream. It had roasted marshmallow topping. It tasted like a s’more.

I saw a bit of the Pulaski Day parade – and everything was in Polish!

I took the Staten Island Ferry both ways and saw the Statue of Liberty. It was so windy!

I took a crazy cab ride. I survived.

I went to the 9/11 museum. It is very well thought-out. It makes me think that lives matter, and we should care about each other every day.

I went to a restaurant called Eataly. It had the best pasta ever! But, the bottled tea was kind of weird.

I went to Times Square and took a lot of pictures.

I saw the New York Public Library. I did not see any ghosts.

I got to go to a real New York bagel shop with my cousin, Troy, who is a performer in New York. He is so cool!

I got to be with my friend Katie and her mom Stacey for 3 whole days! It was so much fun to see so many new things together. We also did some crazy things, like sneaking past building security at the Empire State Building, and accidentally riding the wrong direction on the subway.

But, the best highlight of my trip was seeing Rick, and meeting a whole bunch of new friends, too. I especially liked getting to meet other Ambassadors and talking ot people who were coming to see everything. I think Positive Exposure 109 is going to change the world.

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