Road Trip

Road Trip
My boyfriend is a Professional Poker Player, yes you heard correctly! That being said, every June he goes to Las Vegas for a month and a half to play live poker and to play in the World Series of Poker Tournament. Once we started dating seriously I started visiting him for one week in Vegas during the summer.
Our mutual friend who introduced us always comes with me, so I am not bored all day while he plays poker! This year we decided to change it up a bit. We went to Vegas for 6 days and went on a National Park Road Trip for another 6 days. What an amazing trip it was. Las Vegas is ALWAYS a good time, there is so much to do there, but it is SO hot during the summer, WOOF!!
During our Road Trip we visited Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon. We only spent 1-2 days at each park but it was a world-wind adventure. Having Marfan Syndrome is a bit challenging when it comes to working out. There is no specific data to show what is safe and what isn’t for a Marfan patient, besides the obvious contact sports. Luckily for me I was a dancer and golfer when I was diagnosed so I didn’t have to change my hobbies, but growing up and living with Marfan Syndrome is a challenge to keep active. Trying out different activities, work outs, etc. is always a feat. You cant lift more than 10 pounds, you need to be careful to not use too much force for your chest and of course being on a beta blocker my resting heart rate is 45!!! More on the workout I do now, in another post :)
But I knew this trip would be especially challenging for me. My 2 close friends that I was with on the trip know of my ailments and my limits but I was looking to push them just a bit during this trip. Unfortunately due to the severe heat and extremely high altitudes I was limited quite a bit on the hikes I was able to finish and do, but there was one I am extremely proud of.
My friend and I hiked “angels landing” in Zion National Park. It is a categorized extremely difficult hike and i MAYBE shouldn’t have done it (please don’t tell my heart doctor on me!) But it is something I will remember forever. I struggled on this hike, and don’t get me wrong my friend who is a huge hiker and has not ailments struggled, but i really struggled. But I would not give up and I finished the hike. Being up on top of the mountain and seeing the beauty that was in front of me was truly amazing. 10 minutes after enjoying the view I then realized i had to hike ALL THE WAY BACK DOWN, but in the end I did it slow but I did it and that’s all that counts.

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