By: Amy

This week, I had an appointment at the opthamologist – that’s the eye doctor. I realized when I was reading the eye chart that it was way more blurry than usual when I tried to see out of my right eye. This was because I had some scar tissue in the back of my eye. This can happen after cataract surgery to put new lenses in your eye. I basically have supero eyes to go with my titanium leg! Anyway, the scar tissue blocks vision.

So, the doctor put a lot more drops in my eye and then I had laser surgery to hopefully clear things up. It doesn’t hurt. You put your face into the machine and it’s almost like the doctor is taking pictures of your eyeball. But, it does feel little wonky after because your eyeball is numb. Then you have to put drops in for the next few days. So, you really don’t know if the surgery was successful for awhile.

Now my vision is ok, but I am still having problems with seeing around the scar tissue. I will probably need another laser surgery next month. It’s not a big deal. It’s just something I have to do to stay healthy!

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